The basic principles of the traditional pipe organ have been incorporated into the design of all of the “e” models. The e-40 shown with drawknob stops is also available with rocker tablet stops. The e-40 is a well endowed instrument with its tonal resources spread across 3 manuals and pedal division The sound production is sub-divided following the C and C sharp chest division principle. The organ uses a system with 256 Harmonics per stop. Each harmonic is separately programmable so that you can freely choose how to voice the instrument using the personal edit system. The standard specifications are suitable for both Church and home use, however, custom stop lists can be ordered without extra charge.

The Eminent e-40 can be ordered with either internal, external, or both type of speakers and can use as many as 26 independent audio channels of amplification. With 5 independent amplifier channels and 9 internal speakers, the e-40 is an ideal instrument of superior sound quality for those organists that want a 3 manual home practice instrument.

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